Visas for Zimbabwe are issued based on different categories as follows:

  • CATEGORY ‘A’ – Those who do not need visas to enter Zimbabwe;
  • CATEGORY ‘B’ – Those who may be issued with a visa at any port of entry after paying visa fee. or they can apply online.
  • CATEGORY ‘C’ – Those who are required to apply and obtain visas before travelling to Zimbabwe. Visa can be applied online.

To find out your category, please click on the PDF below:

For visa online application please visit: 

( Warning: Please be aware that there is a bogus website purporting to be an official evisa platform. This bogus website is

Visa Requirements at the Port of Entry

  • A passport valid for at least 6 months
  • 2 passport size photos 
  • visa fee ;  US$ 30,00         –         single entry

                 US$45,00                      –         double entry

                 US$55.00                      –        multiple entry ( to be supported  by a letter)

N.B.  visa fees are subject to change

Diplomatic, Official and Service passports 

Holders of the above mentioned passports are issued visas gratis.  Please down visa application form below. On submission, the form is to be accompanied by a Note Verbale and two passport photos.

Internship in Zimbabwe 

Those wishing to do internship in Zimbabwe should be in constant contact with the organisation/ company they will  be attached to, for the purposes of arranging for the Temporary Work Permits. The cost is US$500,00. Please note that the Temporary Work Permit will be issued while in Zimbabwe ( it is not possible to arrange before travelling to Zimbabwe).  People have to obtain a normal visa for 30 days.  While in Zimbabwe, the organisation/ company which they are  attached to,  would then arrange for  the Temporary Work Permits for them.