The main drivers of the manufacturing sector are in the subsectors of food and beverages, leather and leather products, packaging and plastic, timber, metals and metal products, textile and clothing, chemicals, ICT and pharmaceuticals.

The sector presents vast opportunities to investors especially given its diversification, strong growth potential and its backward and forward linkages. Most of the industries in the manufacturing sector require investment to recapitalise, retool and expand operations. The following are the areas where investors can come in:

·         Agro processing ·         Avocado pears ·         Avocado oil for skin care and pharmaceutical products
·         Agro-processing ·         Fruits: pineapples, oranges, lemons, avocados, mangoes, guavas, granadillas, litchis and bananas ·         Fruit juice

·         Puree

·         Agro-processing ·         Macadamia nuts ·         Salad or cooking oil

·         Baking ingredients

·         Material used in car body parts

·         Diamond cutting and polishing ·         Diamonds ·         Jewellery
·         Granite cutting and polishing ·         Granite ·         Monuments and Artistic work

·         Construction

·         Refinery ·         Platinum Group of Metals ·         Platinum
·         Beneficiation ·         Lithium ore ·         Lithium
·         Electronics Technology ·         Tantalite ·         Computers

·         Solar Solutions

·         Chemical production ·         Coal

·         Phosphates

·         Coal Bed Methane

·         Fertilizers and chemicals
·         Salt processing ·         Salt deposits ·         Salt